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# Monday, September 29, 2008 ; 10:52 AM
I wrote what I had to.

Okay. I said I'd interview myself right ? Now here it is. Been quite busy so didn't have the time to post. Now I do !!!

CK: Hello Chiaw Khim, first of all, how are you doing ?
Me: Great but tired cause of work. Still doing fine though.

CK: Alright, let's get this started. First of all what are your favourite teams?
ME: Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid.

CK: Anything related to sports you want to let people know about you ?
ME: Yeah ! Though I may be a Manchested United fan, sometimes I like to watch my football from a neutral point of view, people flame me for enjoying Liverpool play or what, but it's because I enjoy the sport that it's not like I'll boo every team that opposes Manchester United. Heck even at one point I was enjoying Chelsea play, until they got boring.

CK: Okay, so how was your weekend ?
ME: It was great ! I went to see Novak Djokovic play against Jo Wilfred Tsonga in the finals of the Thailand Open 2008. It was a great match however Tsonga beat Djokovic in 2 straight sets to win the finals. After that I headed home to watch F1, the first ever night race in Singapore ! It was brilliant although Ferrari screwed up pretty badly.

CK: That's great, I watched it too, enjoyed it as well. So what was the latest music album that you got ?
ME: Death Magnetic by Metallica !

CK: Cool, that's my favourite band.
ME: Really ? Me too !

CK: Alright, on to the next question. How are you now in Thailand ?
ME: Good and bad. I'm enjoying myself here, it's a good experience really. The food is awesome ! The bad is because I put on weight when my initial plan was to come here and lose weight ! Well, not only that, sometimes I get very bored and I'll really miss my friends.

CK: Wow, okay I don't know what to add to that. What is your latest ambition ?
ME: To convince my boss to change that crappy website of his.

CK: Erm, okay let's hope no one see's that last part. Stay tuned for the 2nd part soon !


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



Kwek Chiaw Khim
19 years old
What else ?




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