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# Wednesday, September 3, 2008 ; 11:49 PM
I wrote what I had to.

It's been declared ! So far it's still peaceful here in my area Phra Khanong.
On the day it was declared, we went to stock up a lil on food and such. Me and Dean stocked up more on snacks. It should get us through.
However there really isn't such a need to be in such a panic. All the thai's don't seem to be in panic. They're probably used to it.

Been monitoring the news, even my boss was on the news.
So far not much development except the Foreign Affairs Minister and Kevin Keegan resigning.
Hold on, Kevin Keegan wasn't sacked. The Magpies seem to be holding on to him for now.

Been doing my work. Finally I have more channels on the TV ! My boss was kind enough to fork out 80% of the fee for the channels and I just have to share 20% with Dean ! I'm going to repay back his kindness with better and more efficient work ! He's been very nice to us.

I think I've gained a lot of weight since coming here. Crap. The maid's cooking is good. Too much rice I guess. Heck almost everywhere has good food. Cheap and good !!!

My Mom just told me that a scan revealed that my Grandmother has 2 tumors, 1 big and 1 small. I'm looking to see if my visa doesn't require renewing if I leave Bangkok. I really hate to be in such a far away place at such a time. I hope to be there in time for the operation. I can't be in peace like that. Even though if they say she might be safe. I still can't settle my heart with that.

Bangkok is in a mess now, well so is my head.


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



Kwek Chiaw Khim
19 years old
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