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# Sunday, August 24, 2008 ; 10:49 PM
I wrote what I had to.


Attended a seminar by Digital.com at Novotel Hotel which was located in Siam.
Boring seminar IMO, kind of useless to me but i did get some ideas from it for my work.
Can tell the difference from the Singapore speakers and the Thai speakers, one group had energy, the other just boring.

Since we were in Siam, my boss told us to go shopping. For a moment we thought he was so nice to sponsor us money for dinner and some shopping, until Dean realised that he actually passed me 100 BHT and not 1000 BHT. LOL

We decided to skip Siam Square and head over to MBK !
Once we were there, we walked until we entered an area with a lot of clothing !!!
Me and Dean decided to go our separate ways for the time being to do our individual shopping.

First stop ! The non-original soccer jerseys which I've eyed since I entered the place ! It took me a while to decide on what to get, so I got myself the new white away jersey for Manchester United with Ronaldo's name and number on it.
I also got a Spain Torres jersey and the Barcelona jersey with Messi's new number on it.

Forgot to mention earlier I got myself a Spongebob Square Pants shirt that had slurping ape on it or what. Not sure, but of course it's not an original, but it was cute. Wanted to get some Happy Tree Friend shirts also, prob keep that for later.

I continued to venture on in that particular area of MBK and got myself a green Frosty Flakes shirt and a blue Fruit Loops shirt. Together with a gay looking Rolling Stones shirt. Maybe a bad choice...

Was that all I got ? Oh yeah and an All Black polo tee as well. Haha. Might get Australia next or what.


What did I do on Friday ...

Oh ! It was Mod's last day at work and I didn't see her leave. Oh well.
I packed some clothes and decided to head over to the C1 Mansion Apartment that Brian and Sheng Wei were staying.
Went there to swim to get some exercise !
Gonna try to keep that regular. I can't run on the streets here.


Slacked the whole afternoon, till early evening, me, Brian and Bad boy went for a Thai massage. It was damn good I tell you. We didn't go for any special massages or what, but this massage parlor was well known. My masseuse was this huge lady who told me to relax, it was a lil painful but good. Up to a point where she man handled me into a 'full nelson slam' hold then she stretched my back over both sides and behind which was damn shiok !

So much for the massage, went over to a small shop to watch soccer but then realised they didn't pay the bill so there wasn't any soccer ! Crap.


Didn't do much, woke up early and headed over to the C1 Mansion to see them all sleeping. We decided to head over to Central World for dim sum buffet, choices were damn limited ! It wasn't that nice but I won't say it's expensive, it's cheap.

After that damn filling lunch, we headed over to Platinum which is more of a shopping paradise for ladies. Nothing much there interest me except maybe some shoes I guess.

After that we headed over to MBK for a movie !
Death Race !
Pretty good movie, won't say it's excellent. Still nice though, has a hot babe in it ! Woo !
Headed back home after the movie, having dinner know at home while watching soccer online.

I'm starting to miss Singapore a bit.
I miss my PS3 more.
I also miss my mom.


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



Kwek Chiaw Khim
19 years old
What else ?




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