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# Thursday, August 14, 2008 ; 11:23 PM
I wrote what I had to.

Honestly I took so long to post this I completely forgot everything I wanted to post.

There were so many outings !

I had dinners, BBQ and just meet-ups or lunch and movies !

Dinner with Michie, Sufiyan, Derrick and Benedict was good. Although I kept getting grilled like the grilled chicken at Astons. Michie couldn't keep her mouth shut and Derrick joined in the constant grilling, even Sufiyan chipped in ! Haha.

Also had a Minds Cafe session with Raymond, Miche and Sufiyan. Learnt that Raymond and Miche are DAMN cunning ! Couldn't tell that they were the people trying to sabo us ! That night was fun too. Although I did miss Xanthe badly that day cause she didn't join us.

There was also a BBQ with my family and my brothers were invited. Arif, William, Benedict, Justin and Felix all made it. The BBQ was great, and I played Rock Band with the guys ! Justin's singing could break glass and my uncles asked who was making so much noise. Haha !
It was all still fun and I was so glad they could make it ! =D

Then there was also lunch with dear Priscilla at Outback Australia and the fried mushroom there is heavenly I tell you ! Ribeye was also great ! Like chewing gum like that. Haha. It was followed up by watching The Dark Knight on the opening day ! Great move I have to say, I kept thinking it was going to end at some part but than it was only halfway through. Lol. I had a great time with her. =D

Then there was also lunch with another dear Dominique ! Had discount at Tony Roma's ! Damn filling lunch ! We wanted to hang around somewhere else and have Magarita's but Dom hadn't watch The Dark Knight so I accompanied her to watch it again, I understood the movie more clearly this time. Haha. Before the movie we also played pool ! I think Dom managed to beat me a couple of times even though she did kinda suck. Self admitted k. Haha. I also had a very good time with her. =D

And not to mention dearest Novea also. Accompanied me to buy my Crumpler and stuff, and the Rock Band times I spent with her are fun. Too bad we didn't have a last session before I left Singapore. She gave me a Giraffe plushie key chain on my bag to remind me to lose weight. Sweet.

Which leads me to me telling my friends I can go Bangkok and lose weight, escape from the food paradise of my home and Singapore. They scolded me stupid and told me the food here is great and losing weight there was a stupid idea and I should come back with a few extra pounds. Haha. Damn it.

I also had a clubbing Session with Raymond, it was a very brief one though, at MOS.

Way before that I had a heavier session where I knocked out after a lot of drinks, but the time was only about 1-2 am. Try to imagine how much I had before that time. Haha.

Here are some photos before I continue.


The guys who attended the BBQ.


Arif went around snapping photos of himself and the others. Lol.

William &amp; Benedict


I managed to gather my stuff before I left for the airport.

Guess what, my excess weight amounted to a whooping $252. I had to take out some clothes and leave my PS3 behind only for it to join me a few weeks later when my parents come over to find me.

There was a huge surprise, Priscilla was there to see me off other than my family, my other friends couldn't make it. Some sick, had school or work. It was such a shocking yet pleasant surprise to see her there. Really sweet of her.

Dean's my mate going to Bangkok with me and Berlinda was also there to see us off, she's Dean's classmate.

Went in and i bought a Chivas with me to Bangkok. Lol. The flight was okay, the meal on the flight was great also ! Chicken rice or rather pasta. Mini toberlone bar, and Haegen Daz !
Once I was off the plane, it was a bloody long queue to get past the immigration counter. After collecting our luggages, I bought a HUGE toberlone bar ! =D And a huge pack of mixed Kit Kat Chunky variety !

Well, I'm going well so far. Everything is good. My office is next to room where I sleep. The office/house is still mostly under construction. So it's still dusty and not every toilet or light is functioning properly, and I have a maid living with her family on the 4th floor ! Haha.

People, I'm still doing good so far, please don't worry. =D
I miss you'll a lot already.

Random photos before I left.


Gifts from Novea and Xanthe. =)


When I first opened up my tiles ! Already 1 tile from winning ! LUCKY ! But I didn't win in the first round, sad. Haha.


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



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