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# Thursday, August 21, 2008 ; 11:30 AM
I wrote what I had to.


Decided I needed to buy some shirts to wear as I only had a few pieces.
Me and Dean decided to make our way and experiment going to Thong Lor.
We wanted to go to Playground! where the Lonely Planet book said it's a place for teens. So we took a taxi all the way to Thong Lor Soi 55, started looking for it, even the taxi driver didn't know ! I checked out the site earlier today and it was down, I thought it was kinda strange but didn't want to believe that. So we tried to call the number listed in the book, also couldn't get through. So we alighted somewhere along Soi 55 and started to look for it ourselves.

I decided to start off by asking a cafe, True Cafe. Asked if anyone spoke english, this girl did and I asked where Playground! was. She told me near the police station, we went past there earlier so I guess it would be easy. Made our way there still nothing, so we continued down until it started to rain and we hauled our asses out of the rain into a provision shop where there was shelter. I asked this pretty lady where Playground! is, she looked at the book and asked her guy as he came out of the store, he told us to go back down.

We waited awhile for the rain to die down a lil before we ran our way there. On the way over the rain got heavier so we took refuge in a Starbucks. First thing I did was to ask where Playground! was. He told us it was closed for renovation. DAMN IT.
So we bought some drinks to sit down and wait for the heavy rain to die before we tried crossing the road over to find another place called J'Avenue which when I asked the starbucks guy was opposite the road near by.

J'Avenue was quite a high class place. Restaurants, bowling alley and a supermarket that had a lot of imported goods. It's a place more for the 'Farengs' which is foreigner in Thai. The stuff there was expensive ! I needed a small mirror for the table and it was priced at 490 baht ! I bought a magazine that featured Metallica and decided to try out the Thailand FHM. The cover had english and thai on it so i figured inside had english as well. I can't read thai ! It was all in thai ! But just flipping through it would be enough. Haha.

Took a cab back to Phra Khanong and went to Jusco to buy a table mirror that cost only 70 baht. We did more grocery shopping that actually amounted up to 1367 baht ! Damn it !


Decided to leave our office/home earlier straight after work so meet up with Brian and Sheng Wei for dinner at their office at Asok. Asok is like the CBD area. And so far everywhere I went, there was always a pretty girl. Thank god for Thailand !
After that me and Brian wanted to cut our hair. Made our way down by cab over to On Nut. On the way we talked a lot of crap and we say this tranny on a motorbike taxi. Disgusting.. and scary.

Tesco Lotus ! We cut our hair at a saloon, I cut mine very short and Brian did too, realised my top was quite straight unlike in Singapore when I get a hair cut at least there's more shape to it. Brian's back was also quite straight.

Bought a shirt over at Tesco to last me a lil longer before I go crazy at Pratunam or Chatuchat !

Went back home after that since I was yawning occasionally through out the whole day in the office. Too tired.


Not much has happened so far. Don't think I have plans for tonight.

I think I'm sick due to getting caught in the rain. Shit.


Broken Working Toilet
House still under construction. Sian.

Need I say more ? I'm in Thailand !

Fried rice !
I dunno if you can read it. But it says 'Fried Rice chili Hell' & 'Fried Rice chili Heaven'


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



Kwek Chiaw Khim
19 years old
What else ?




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