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# Monday, August 18, 2008 ; 9:49 AM
I wrote what I had to.

Friday was a good day. In the evening there was a farewell party for Mod, one of the workers here who's leaving on the 22nd. No ! She's the only one who could speak better english ! The rest don't ! Well only one does but his english is very very basic.

We went to a lake restaurant called Lake Hill. It was a KTV restaurant. I started to learn that the Thai's loved their karaoke. There were thai songs and english songs as well. I only sang like, 2 songs or what ? The rest sung a lot, there was seafood which was good ! There was also whiskey !
I slowly drank and ate while they sang and they had a little competition by our boss. The best singer will get 500 baht. So they just kept singing and dancing, it was very fun. I took some videos for my journal.
It ended with a draw in both male and female category and each winner got 300 baht, this was used to motivate the workers.

In Thailand, their work culture is very slack, they won't do things unless you tell them to and you have to constantly remind and push them. On the very first meeting I was already appointed leader with Dean to lead some assignments !

Oh ! I also learnt that Thailand has a popular band called Bodyslam, they really have nice songs, although I don't understand what they are singing. A lot of pretty singers as well. =D

Here are some pictures and videos from the KTV session.

Tomm singing. One of the winners.


Nu, the one who speaks at least some english, also one winner.


My boss, Winston Doong giving a little talk.

Mod, who will be leaving us soon.

*videos will be up soon, takes too damn long to upload them.

The traffic here is horrible I tell you. Jams everywhere, I sit in the car until my butt hurts.

On saturday night, we had nothing to do, so we went over to Brian's place, had lunch, did a lil' grocery shopping. At night we had dinner at a small market, the food is good, but I have no idea what is it they called it.

After that me and Brian sat outside their apartment building at the road side to join some locals in a drinking session, Brian brought down the Jack Daniels he got from Dean from DFS. They like to drink their whisky with soda, no not the F&N ice cream soda, soda water. I easily got used to it. They also brought down a lot of food as one of them closed up their pork noodle store which is nice by the way. So we had one huge plate of chicken, dried cuttlefish, crispy dried huge ikan billis, seafood salad with pork and medium rare beef which was spicy and chewy !

That's all I can remember, made friends, one was the stall owner, another a policeman and one was known as "Bad Boy". That's his nickname, nice friendly guy, he'll bring us around when we have the time and he speaks good english, has a Japanese wife and 2 kids.

We finished the bottle, after that Dean decided to stay over while I wanted to head on back and try to catch the soccer match online. Could've taken a cab which was cheaper but decided to take the motorcycle taxi which was more expensive since it was out of their area that I was going to. It was SHIOK. Here's a picture from that night, probably too dark though.

The road side, the stall owner sitting in front of the machine where everyone gets their drinking water from.


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



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