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# Saturday, August 2, 2008 ; 4:13 AM
I wrote what I had to.

Went gym today. Well not the point for today.
I finally got permission to drive the car without supervision ! Woohoo !!!
Picked William up from Tanah Merah MRT and we were off to the Airport to welcome Qian Hui back ! I must say that my driving has improved by a lot ! Haha.
Maybe cause there were lesser cars, but anyway, I felt I drove way much better.
Driving good, parking good, although still take abt 2 tries to get it nicely in position, as in not too right or not too left. Haha.

Waited for a while to see Qian Hui come out, chatted awhile, then we headed to Simpang Bedok. There were 2 cars, mine and Nixon's, both family cars so that's why can fetch a lot of people. Haha.
Once again, parking, not bad luh.

After supper, we headed to Parkway to play a little bit of pool before heading home.
Had quite a nice day, I'm exhausted now.

Soon I'll post my Pre-OSIP Departure post. Haha. Look out for it. =)


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



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