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# Friday, August 1, 2008 ; 3:21 AM
I wrote what I had to.

Giraffe ?
Someone special told me to be like a Giraffe. =)

Deleted my whole blog to create new one.
It's like forgetting the past to start off new again.
That's exactly what I want it to be, of course I'll still remember them, but I'll try to forget them.
I'm back here and will start a new blog here for my overseas internship to Bangkok.

Will try to update as much as I can about my life, this blog probably will just be one escape route for me.

Enough about that, besides Vegas, I want to plan with my friends a trip to Hawaii, now how long should I put this plan ?
8 years ? After Vegas ? Together with Vegas ? I don't know, but I really do want to go there.

Just watched Hellboy and Forgetting Sarah Marshall today, enjoyed Forgetting Sarah Marshall a lot. Really sweet movie that was very funny as well.

This will be my first post to kick off my new blog.
Back to Football Manager Live.


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



Kwek Chiaw Khim
19 years old
What else ?




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