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# Monday, September 29, 2008 ; 10:52 AM
I wrote what I had to.

Okay. I said I'd interview myself right ? Now here it is. Been quite busy so didn't have the time to post. Now I do !!!

CK: Hello Chiaw Khim, first of all, how are you doing ?
Me: Great but tired cause of work. Still doing fine though.

CK: Alright, let's get this started. First of all what are your favourite teams?
ME: Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid.

CK: Anything related to sports you want to let people know about you ?
ME: Yeah ! Though I may be a Manchested United fan, sometimes I like to watch my football from a neutral point of view, people flame me for enjoying Liverpool play or what, but it's because I enjoy the sport that it's not like I'll boo every team that opposes Manchester United. Heck even at one point I was enjoying Chelsea play, until they got boring.

CK: Okay, so how was your weekend ?
ME: It was great ! I went to see Novak Djokovic play against Jo Wilfred Tsonga in the finals of the Thailand Open 2008. It was a great match however Tsonga beat Djokovic in 2 straight sets to win the finals. After that I headed home to watch F1, the first ever night race in Singapore ! It was brilliant although Ferrari screwed up pretty badly.

CK: That's great, I watched it too, enjoyed it as well. So what was the latest music album that you got ?
ME: Death Magnetic by Metallica !

CK: Cool, that's my favourite band.
ME: Really ? Me too !

CK: Alright, on to the next question. How are you now in Thailand ?
ME: Good and bad. I'm enjoying myself here, it's a good experience really. The food is awesome ! The bad is because I put on weight when my initial plan was to come here and lose weight ! Well, not only that, sometimes I get very bored and I'll really miss my friends.

CK: Wow, okay I don't know what to add to that. What is your latest ambition ?
ME: To convince my boss to change that crappy website of his.

CK: Erm, okay let's hope no one see's that last part. Stay tuned for the 2nd part soon !

# Tuesday, September 23, 2008 ; 1:07 PM
I wrote what I had to.


Went back to Singapore for a short period to visit my grandma, she looks okay.
When I reached Singapore then they told me she's low on salt and the operation was delayed again.
So with my primary objective done, which is vist my grandma, I had other objectives to do.


Watched Step Brothers with Pris, I kept laughing my ass off ! It was a damn freaking funny movie ! You guys should not miss it. Not to miss Will Ferrell and Adam C. Riley working together. Kick ass movie.

Went home to rest before the big match ! Chelsea vs. Manchester United !
Manchester United looked set to end Chelsea's unbeatable home streak for 4 and a half years, when late in the game, an unmarked Kalou headed in Chelsea's equaliser. How disappointing, both sides did not play well, Man Utd even got fine for the number of yellow cards they received.
Vernon and Wilfred came over to accompany me for the match, glad to have them around.


Arrived in Bangkok yesterday, while I was on the plane I realised I forgot to buy stuff back for my colleague, smacked my head and kept doing my sudoku and drinking my Pineapple rum.
My PS3 is up and working here ! Not to mention, my 2nd objective was to bring that baby over.

Mission Accomplished !

Next up will be me interviewing myself.
Stay tuned for that.

# Monday, September 8, 2008 ; 9:59 PM
I wrote what I had to.

Wanted to do a quote of the day, when I heard two on TV. So I'll do two instead.

No, not all are inspiring quotes, they are quotes that I like. Simple.

Matt LeBlanc as Joey from Friends on Ross situation with Julie and Rachel:
"Ross, I got two words for you, three some."

David Spade as C.J. Barnes from 8 Simple Rules:
"Wow, that really hurts, if it made any sense at all."

# Sunday, September 7, 2008 ; 1:39 AM
I wrote what I had to.

It's pouring here in Bangkok.

Had dinner near my place with a huge group, the peeps from STCC and Joycelyn, the TP grad who came to Bangkok with her friend. Had fish maw soup and crab meat fried rice, it was damn good. After that I went to watch Bangkok Dangerous. Forgot to mention that I also met Brian's girlfriend who was with us, Amanda.

Yesterday I went for dinner at Asok before heading back to On Nut.

While at Asok, I met Sherlyn. Brian's friend. Before we headed back, I saw a quick accidental flash of hot pink. Kept quiet. That memory will last. It's Hot, hot pink.

Had a little drinking session with the Thai guys again. Next weekend I'll be cheering on Manchester United with them against Liverpool.

Not to mention, next week is my cousin's 21st birthday as well. I'm damn sad I can't make it.
I'm so sorry. I actually had plans to go back that week, but the situation here forbids me to do so.

Went to Chatuchat market ! OMG !
I told myself that I must remember what happened at MBK, I will learn my lesson and just window shop and buy a couple of stuff.
I ended up spending nearly 2000 baht again !!!
Bought like, a lot of shirts and 1 basketball shorts.
Bought a shirt for Raymond also, I love what it says on the shirt. Just afraid it's too friggin' small.
I will be back there soon. Not so soon I guess.

Chatuchat is a horrible place, it's energy draining, and when you say you just wanna see what's in the shop, 70% of the time you end up buying something from there.
Better save up for my next trip there.

Tired. Damn tired. After the Djorkovic and Federer match, I'm off to bed.

# Friday, September 5, 2008 ; 1:17 AM
I wrote what I had to.

Back from movie today.
Watched Nicolas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous !

No no, if you'll thought this had something to do with the protest, really no. I'm fine.

It was an action packed movie, little nudity scenes.
Cage was like Agent Fisher + that guy from Assassin Creed + that silent scope guy.
Yeah, that's about the char.
Placed in Bangkok to assassin 4 people, but his life changed in Bangkok.
And OMG ! The actress, I soo LOVE her now you know !
Charlie Yeung !

Can't find a good picture, there's a picture linked to her name.
Just realised she's 34 this year. Hmmm.
Anyway I really like her.

Oh well, I'm off to bed !

# Wednesday, September 3, 2008 ; 11:49 PM
I wrote what I had to.

It's been declared ! So far it's still peaceful here in my area Phra Khanong.
On the day it was declared, we went to stock up a lil on food and such. Me and Dean stocked up more on snacks. It should get us through.
However there really isn't such a need to be in such a panic. All the thai's don't seem to be in panic. They're probably used to it.

Been monitoring the news, even my boss was on the news.
So far not much development except the Foreign Affairs Minister and Kevin Keegan resigning.
Hold on, Kevin Keegan wasn't sacked. The Magpies seem to be holding on to him for now.

Been doing my work. Finally I have more channels on the TV ! My boss was kind enough to fork out 80% of the fee for the channels and I just have to share 20% with Dean ! I'm going to repay back his kindness with better and more efficient work ! He's been very nice to us.

I think I've gained a lot of weight since coming here. Crap. The maid's cooking is good. Too much rice I guess. Heck almost everywhere has good food. Cheap and good !!!

My Mom just told me that a scan revealed that my Grandmother has 2 tumors, 1 big and 1 small. I'm looking to see if my visa doesn't require renewing if I leave Bangkok. I really hate to be in such a far away place at such a time. I hope to be there in time for the operation. I can't be in peace like that. Even though if they say she might be safe. I still can't settle my heart with that.

Bangkok is in a mess now, well so is my head.

# Saturday, August 30, 2008 ; 1:25 PM
I wrote what I had to.

Yesterday night, was my first clubbing experience in Bangkok.
Honestly I don't know if it was the same as the other clubs, or did we just want to go somewhere cheap.

The whole area was damn huge ! With many different clubs in the area. Some looked shabby and looked grand and expensive. We went to this V club which had a live band performing. We got a bottle of whiskey for 1000 baht and we managed to get a damn low class table.

The live band was a band of females ! Huge turn on as they were all very pretty !
The solo's by the main guitarist !
The rhythm guitarist !
The lead singer !
The bassist !
I dunno about the drummer.

They were good, although I didn't understand most of it.
I realized Thai people love the Zombie song.
In your head ! In your head !!! ZOMBIE ! ZOMBIE ! ZOMBIE IE IE IE IE !!!

Here's a blur picture.


There was one bad point about this place though...
It was full of trannies !!!
We were placed beside a group of young guys. Then 2 girls came over to sit with them. Somehow inbetween us. One girl said she liked my friend, my friend wasn't interested, her friend somehow sat beside me. She smelled horrible. I didn't sit close to her and I could already smell her ! OMG !
Me and my friends said that we couldn't tell how hideous she look had the light not shone on her ! She had a mole + a hideous face ! URGGGH !!!
I quickly shifted myself away more after I got a glimpse of her face. I think she's a trannie.
The other girl who looked more like a girl. Ended up sitting with my thai friend and they started talking and he told me he doesn't believe she's a girl. More on that later.

Soon after the live band ended, it was the DJ spinning, but the DJ couldn't shut up. Kept lowering the music to talk on the mic. Damn it.

Brian said to try everything in Thailand, he danced with trannies, made friends and he asked us to go to the dance floor. Pulled me and Dean along. Oh btw ! It was Dean's first clubbing experience, what a horrible first.

On the way to the center of the dance floor, there were a lot of trannies where I tried to avoid, Dean got caught by one of them but he managed to pull away from them. Heng ! I couldn't stay for more than 2 minutes on the dance floor with trannies all around, I hauled myself out of there and went back to the table.

Soon there were .. 'show girls' on the stage, well I can guess 90% of them aren't real ladies.
I just sat around longer, went to the toilet, as usual I shimmied past all the trannies. When I went to the urinal, I felt a light soft touch on my neck and I freaked as I was about to pee ! It was actually a hot towel put on me by the service guy in the toilet ! He was giving a massage ! I freaked out as I thought some trannie or gay came up from behind I totally jumped you know ! So I let him give me the massage although I found it difficult to pee with someone touching me from behind, had to tip him later, but hell I just wanna see what is it like.

Made my way back and soon the club closed at 2 where the lights came on. THAT'S THE WORSE PART !

Dean later told me one of the "girls" flashed on stage, lucky he only saw the part where the flash was ending and saw nothing !

We made our way out and it was like any typical end of club thing. Where there are a lot of people getting a taxi, one lane on the road was filled with people flagging for cabbies, and a lot of them were unsuccesful as most of the cabbies ask for a flat rate instead of the meter cause they would lose out on going far. We tried to negotiate with a lot of cabbies for 1 hour until we managed to get one to get us back to our apartment.

While we were standing outside, a fight erupted, a huge group of young trannies were fighting with a small group of guys. Wow. Never mess with them ! I saw the way he/she grabbed the guys here and nearly smashed it to the ground. One of the people amoung the trannies group was the girl that sat with my thai friend tonight, well now we probably know the truth since she insisted she was a girl earlier on.

Phew. What a night.
Then now I wonder, was the band real ladies ? Yeah they should be. I'm sure about that.

Random pics.

They love their 100 pipers whiskey with soda.

A shabby looking small ktv eatery which I went with my friends.

Singha water ! I think the container is 6 litres. Imagine if it was Singha beer instead !


Welcome to my blog,
decided to star it all new again.
Letting go of the past,
always looking ahead.
I probably might have change,
but i believe it's for the better.



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